The Goals of Fresh Hope (Vision):

  • To equip and empower individuals (and their loved ones) who are affected by a mental health diagnosis to live a full, rich and purpose-filled life in wellness and wholeness (mental, physical and spiritual) through participation in local Fresh Hope groups which are Christ-centered peer support groups, as well as online forums, educational opportunities and faith based mental health resources.
  • To provide ongoing assistance to individuals and their families during times of transition, by providing Mental Health Navigators in local communities who are certified peer support specialists and certified wellness coaches.
  • To challenge the Christian church to address the mental health crisis in their community- challenging them to provide a “compassionate, understanding, safe and supportive-place” for those who struggle with mental health issues. This includes understanding that many mental health challenges are due to the brain’s improper function and are not character flaws, moral failures or a spiritual weakness.
  • To advocate on both the state and national level for continued mental health reforms to repair the issues that “broken” in the system.
  • To provide peer run wellness centers in the local communities as a positive place of encouragement, connection, empowerment and learning.
  • To join with other organizations and voices in tearing down the thick walls of cultural stigma regarding “mental illness.”

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About Fresh Hope
Our Mission:

To empower individuals to live a full and rich faith-filled life in spite of a mental health diagnosis.

Fresh Hope Philosophy:

Fresh Hope is a peer-to-peer Christ-centered wellness approach to mental health recovery based upon six tenets that empowers people to connect both their faith and recovery principles. This approach both empowers and encourages individuals to live full and rich lives in spite of their diagnosis.

Ways to connect to Fresh Hope online:

  • Find us on Twitter: #FreshHope
call: 1-888-815-HOPE (815-4673) -